Goa Club

Goa Club pres. PLUS8 Aftertea

Richie Hawtin, Fabio Florido, Giorgio Gigli, Dj Red, Simone Di Maria

18.00-05.00 [V.M. 18]
admission €20
+ Free Food, Tea and Cakes +

Richie Hawtin takes his Plus 8 Club Tour to Rome’s GOA. With a capacity of 700 this is a rare chance to see Richie play in such an intimate surrounding. Joined by Giorgio Gigli, DJ Red, Fabio Florido and Simone Di Maria.

The Plus 8 label returns in a big way with a new release from Richie Hawtin titled ‘CLOSE combined’ and a ‘CLOSER’ app due out on Friday September 20.

Goa Club